2 Must-Haves For A Memorable Outdoor Wedding

Have you decided to have your wedding outdoors? Whether you’re planning to get married in a lavish garden or your own beautiful backyard, there are a few things that you may want to use outdoors to make the wedding ceremony as memorable as possible for yourself and all of your guests.

Hang Do-It-Yourself Lighting Fixtures Outdoors

If you’re having your wedding in the evening, you’ll need to keep the area well-lit when the sun starts to set. Instead of renting out lights to use, you can create your own hanging light fixtures that won’t cost much to make. These are the supplies that you would need:

  • Beading wire
  • Mini LED fairy lights
  • Balloons

You’ll want to start by placing 4-5 inches of fairy lights into each balloon. With the lights inside of the balloons, begin blowing them up and then tie each one shut. You can wrap about 24-36 inches of beading wire around each balloon in any direction that you’d like. When you’re all done wrapping, pop each of your balloons, and you’ll have wire bulbs with lights inside of them that you can hang on trees.

Aside from these lights, you can also decorate assorted mason jars, put tea light candles inside of them, and hang them on trees too. These creative lighting fixtures will make things brighter outside, but they are also good to have as decorations.

Rent a Portable Stage as an Altar Alternative

You may not have an altar at your outdoor wedding, but you and your partner can stand on a portable stage instead. It’s a good idea if you’re planning to have many guests in attendance and want to make sure that everyone is able to see what is going on as you and your partner exchange vows. Portable stages are convenient because they’re lightweight and collapsible. Once you rent one, you can stick it anywhere you’d like to.

The portable stages come in different sizes and styles. You can choose from carpeted and hardboard options. If you’re unable to find a carpeted option that matches the color theme of your wedding, you can have a stage skirt placed on top of it in any color that you prefer.

Having the right lighting is crucial during an outdoor wedding. If you’re interested in an altar alternative, the portable stage is just as important. Even guests who are sitting in the back row will be able to get a good view of you standing on the stage with your partner. With these two must-haves, you can make your wedding even more memorable and beautiful.

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Speak Up! Tips For Submitting Voice Acting Audition Files More Quickly

If you’ve been trying to get work as a voice actor, you no doubt have signed up with online casting websites that send filtered auditions to you on a regular basis. Those can be very lucrative because of the high volume of work that passes through the sites daily. However, it can be difficult for people who record from home — but who don’t have a permanent recording setup — to submit auditions quickly enough in order to get noticed. Here are a few tips for shaving minutes off your audition response time.

Physical Recording Setup

On days when you know you’ll be recording, set up your microphone, pre-amp, sound insulation, and any other equipment at the start of the day. Don’t wait until a good audition notice comes through. Setup should be quick, but if you experience any problems, they’ll just delay you.

Response Time Versus Audition Time

The minute you see a notification for an audition you like, go record it. Online sites tend to set time or quantity limits — you have to submit the audition within two hours, for example, or there’s a limit of 50 submitted auditions (that’s a random number, but you’ll see audition notifications with limits like that).

Time flies. If you don’t record immediately, the time limit could pass by quickly. Remember that recording isn’t a matter of speaking and sending — you have to record and re-record until you’re satisfied with your audition. If you start recording late, you could miss out.

Plus, the people casting for the part aren’t necessarily going to listen to all the submitted auditions. If they hear a recording they like, they might cast that person and dump the rest of the audition files. Increase your chances of being that person by getting your file in as soon as possible.

Audition Filter Settings

When you sign up with an online audition site, you have to set parameters so the site knows which auditions to send to you. Some of the parameters are basic, like location and languages spoken. Others, though, are subjective, where you describe your voice both in a text description and in some sort of checklist format.

Cast as wide a net as you think possible — but only as wide as you think possible. The saying “Fake it till you make it” goes only so far in voice acting, and you have to be able to perform using the voice you said you have. Set your filters so that the auditions coming through are plausible for you.

Just sifting through inappropriate audition suggestions can take a few minutes because some of these sites send many audition notification emails per day. You don’t want to miss out on a good audition because you just spent 15 minutes deleting auditions for voice types that you knew you wouldn’t be able to do.

Persistence Is Everything

There is an element of lucky timing in all this; voice acting has become so accessible to those with small, at-home recording setups that no matter how quickly you respond, there could already be lots of auditions already submitted. But keep trying. Eventually someone will hear your voice and know that you’re the right person for the part.

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