How To Find Original Oil Paintings That Will Appreciate In Value

Finding, buying, and collecting original oil paintings can be an enjoyable way to not only decorate your home but also use as a small investment. You can even locate and purchase original art that will increase in value without having to spend a fortune at a high stakes auction house.

Regional galleries, like the Silverman Gallery, will often have pieces that will enhance your home and pay for themselves over time. Can you say that about any of your other home decor?

Of course not all original oil paintings will increase in value. If you are an amateur art collector, it will take research and finesse to learn how to spot a gem. Even if you have never taken a painting class or bought art before, the following tips can help you decide which oil paintings will make the cut for your collection. You may not be able to retire off of your oil painting collection, but, armed with the right knowledge and taste, your collection will increase in value.

Go to the opening night of art shows

Check your local listings to find out when galleries are hanging their new shows. Visit galleries that bring in national and international artists as well as the local talent. By getting to know different artists and styles of paintings, you can get an idea of what you like, how much pieces are selling for, and about different genres of oil painting.

Research artists

When you find an artist whose work you admire, be sure to do your homework. Find out the artist’s resume, such as training, past shows at prestigious galleries or universities, and how well the artist is known nationally and internationally. Artists that have a wide array of recognition are more likely to produce art that will increase in value.

Research the technique

Research the technique that the artist uses or if their pieces have any kind of special treatment or process. The more difficult the process and the more skilled the artist is at technique, the more likely that the piece will hold its value. The mastery of the artist should be one of the most important aspects of deciding whether to purchase a piece or not.

Purchase paintings of desirable subjects

Paintings that look like they could have come from a hotel room or a beach house are not likely to be a good investment piece. Your paintings should speak to you and compliment your decorating style, but also should be dynamic and of more unusual compositions and subject matter.

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