Technology Innovations That Could Eliminate The Professional Tattoo Artist

Technology is always changing. Even the tattoo industry. Thanks to technology, there are now a couple ways you can get a tattoo without going to professional tattoo artist. They are money savers, but also come with some chances. Take a look at the new tattoo technology and decide for yourself if you like them or not.

DIY Machine

There are many people out there that purchase a tattoo gun and some ink on the Internet and then call themselves tattoo artists. Some actually work hard to learn the art while others figure the process is like coloring with markers.

What happens when technology becomes available that makes DIY tattoos even easier to do? Jakub Pollag from the Royal College of Art has a designed a tattoo gun that anyone can use with ease. Even your kid. This gun makes the tattoo process as easy as coloring with markers. Sound cool? Think about what will happen if this gun hits the markets. Think about sitting around with some friends with shaky hands and picking up the tattoo machine to “doodle.” Remember this is all permanent. Also think about the DIYers who work hard to learn this skill and how much easier it will be for them to offer you lower cost tattoos. It’s a mix of good and slightly scary.

The best use for this easy tattoo machine would be to market it to professional tattoo artists who could possibly use them to offer lower cost tattoos.

3D Printer Tattoo

Let’s remove the human tattoo artist altogether and replace him or her with a machine. 3D printers are already becoming popular and are super cool. This technology creates neat 3D objects and can even make body parts. What happens when you give one of these 3D printers a tattoo gun? You end up with printed permanent tattoos without a human hand.

This could easily make the cost of tattoo go down because you aren’t paying for the artist but just the use of the computer. It also has a few drawbacks. You no longer get to have that tattoo artist relationship and the fun chats while working that make you feel more comfortable. You also lose the unique personality that comes with each tattoo artist. The computer will follow the design as given and won’t offer any ideas or put in unique touches. You can no longer proudly say who did your ink. On the other hand, you never have to worry about a human mistake. The tattoo will be immaculate without having to worry that you chose the wrong tattoo artist who won’t get your vision.

These tattoo technologies have good and bad sides to them. Do you feel they help the industry or hurt it? Will they ruin tattoos as art or make them more accessible to everyone?

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