Fun Games To Play With Chairs At A Large Event

If you are hosting a large party, whether a children’s event or teenager function, you may want to incorporate some games into the day’s activities to keep the guests from becoming bored. There are several games that can be played using chairs. Get your money’s worth out of the cost of your chair rental expense by allowing them to become props to keep all attendees entertained with these fun games.

Musical Chairs With A Twist

Most people know how to play the game of “musical chairs”. Have each participant place their chair in a circle so the seat is facing inward. The participants will walk around the circle of chairs when music is playing. In a traditional game of musical chairs, one chair is taken away and when the music is turned off and everyone scrambles to find an unoccupied chair. The person left without a chair and is eliminated from the game. In a game with a twist, eliminate a chair but leave a space where it was located. When the music stops, have the person without a chair give a toss of a pair of dice to determine a number. Each person will then move this many chairs to the right, including the person standing in the space. 

Missing Chair Game

Have the people playing the game separate into groups of four. There will also be the need for a helper not playing the game for each group of four participating. Have everyone in a team sit in their chair, forming a small circle with their other three teammates. Each player will shift in their chair so they are facing toward the right, leaving their chair in the same position. They will then lie back, resting their head upon the legs of the person to their left. Each player’s legs stay bent with their feet on the ground. The helpers will each start removing chairs from under the participants in their group. The group that remains upright in this position the longest, wins the game. Several rounds can be played, determining who wins the competition.

Silent Mystery Goal Chair Game

This is a game where participants will need to work together to obtain the goals given to them. Divide a group of nine people into three groups of three people in each. Hand out a card to each team with written instructions they need to follow. One card will instruct the team to place all the chairs in the room in a circle. Another card will say to turn all of the chairs upside down. The third card will say to group all of the chairs into pairs. The groups will be told not to speak. At first, the groups will have difficulty as other groups will sabotage their efforts to get the goals met. If the groups work together, the result will be a circle of chairs, with each chair turned upside-down, grouped into pairs within the circle.