About Randolph

Hello, I’m Randolph and welcome to my website! I’ve devoted this blog to some of the most popular artistic movements of the 18th century. I want to share my love of this beautiful art with everyone who has an appreciation for classic paintings and artwork.

I was never really into art while I was in college, but during one of my literature courses I began to learn a few things about the different art movements throughout history. I quickly became fascinated by the different styles and the effects they had on contemporary society. I learned that art was an important way for different cultures to express their feelings about historical events and daily life.

I plan on discussing three particular art forms on this website: Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism. These were a few of the most popular art movements of their time, and love for these styles of artwork carries on even today. I’m going to write about the histories of these movements and the impact they had on society. I also want to talk about a few famous examples of art from each style.

I hope that other art enthusiasts like me will be able to learn a bit more about these wonderful forms of art!