Tips For Catching Up On And Collecting Classic TV Shows

If you are an avid TV fan looking to catch up on some classics, you’ve got plenty of options and plenty of ways to find this golden content. Today’s programming is considered the golden age of television, but there have been numerous programs that paved the way for the legendary content being produced currently. As a TV buff looking to catch up on years and years of excellent television, read on and consider these tips. 

Purchase TV Series On DVD

When the DVD came out, it made it much easier to catch up on every episode of a television series. If you’re looking to catch up on the classics, consider finding a discount TV series on DVD. In many situations, numerous seasons of these classic television shows can be viewed thanks to DVD box sets that have been compiled throughout the years. Many of this content can be purchased for cheap in the form of discount DVDs that have been produced. These discount TV series DVDs can be found anywhere from grocery store checkout lines to online ordering systems. In recent years alone, more than 300 scripted television shows came out. So when combing through television history, you have an endless amount of shows that you can catch up on. Click here for more information.

Visit A Classic Movie Theater

There are a number of movie theaters throughout the country that specialize in classic content. In these theaters, you can catch up on numerous shows from areas dating back to the creation of the television, in addition to television shows that air overseas. In many situations, the theaters that play these classic television shows are cheaper than the big box theaters that play new movies. You might end up catching some classic shows for cheap, along with a nice tub of popcorn and a soda. Finding a classic theater can provide a nice alternative to mainstream movie theaters, which have averages ticket prices of more than $8

Do Some Digging To Find Deals And Collectables 

The problem with so much available TV content is that some is harder to find than others. For instance, you might be looking for a short-lived show that may not have been released on VHS, DVD, or any other format. In these situations, fan made recordings from that era can be a diamond in the rough. You can seek yard sales, thrift stores, and classified ad listings to stock up on some rare classics. 

Consider these tips to use as you hunt for some incredible television finds. 

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Where You Rent Your Concert Equipment From Can Make Or Break Your Next Event

When you want your next event to be a successful adventure, you have to know who to trust when it comes to concert equipment. Whether you are holding a private party or a corporate event, you’ll want everything to go smoothly. This means you’ll want the lighting to be great, the sound perfect, and your guests comfortable throughout the event. If you work with a concert equipment company that doesn’t have a solid reputation in the field, you can run into some of the following problems that can make your event fall flat.

When the Lighting is Terrible

Good lighting is essential for any event, and you will want to develop a plan with your concert equipment rental company regarding the lighting you will need. You may need mood lighting to set the tone while people are enjoying dinner, or lighting that will showcase presenters up on stage. If the lighting is poor, your guests may not be able to see well. Harsh lighting will create a hostile mood, and will impact your overall event.

Good Sound Quality is Essential

If you’ve ever been to a concert where you couldn’t hear clearly or the speakers squealed with feedback, you probably remember that bad experience. You’ll want to make sure that the sound isn’t too loud, and that when people talk into a microphone there isn’t any static. While it sounds simplistic, it can be very difficult to get the sound just right at any event.

Visual Elements Matter for Your Event

While you need lighting so that the mood is set and guests can see what’s going on, lighting for the purpose of creating a visually interesting stage is also important. Laser lights, strobe lights, and lights of a wide variety of colors will help you create the look you want for your event. Planning a concert requires taking a hard look at the visual elements you want to employ during the concert and working with a company that can provide these to you.

When you are planning your next event, all of the equipment you use will impact the overall success. You’ll want to work with a company that offers professional quality equipment for lighting and sound. Talk about what you are looking for, and an equipment company like Concert Sound and Lighting will help you come up with a plan that will make your event shine. When you work with professionals, you will give your event the professional look and feel you want.

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Going On A First Date? Why You Should Have It At A Bowling Alley

First dates can be exciting, albeit nerve-wracking experiences.  You are taking the time to get to know someone, but because you are new to each other, you may feel a bit of stress along with the anticipation.  If you’re planning for a first date, you may be looking to do something different from dates you’ve gone on in the past.  Bowling can take you off the beaten path and into new territory.  Use this information to learn more about why your next first date should be at a bowling alley.

Bowling Makes Conversation Flow

One of the main reasons why you should have your next first date at the bowling alley is because it helps with conversation.  Instead of sitting at a restaurant table trying to quickly come up with things to say, you can let the conversation flow in a natural way by taking your date to the bowling alley.

Just think of the laughs and fun the two of you will have while bowling.  Everything from the retro shoes that you have to rent, to the sometimes cheesy music, to the inevitable strikes will elicit laughter and conversation.  As you’re playing, you can throw in a few questions so that you can learn more about the person.  There won’t be that usual pressure, and the two of you can connect in a natural way.

Bowling Helps You See Someone’s Real Self

Another reason why you should take your date bowling is because it gives you a chance to see their real nature.  It’s so easy to be artificial when you’re under the microscope of the traditional dinner date.  It’s not as easy to hide who you really are when you’re playing a competitive game like bowling.

For example, if your date is losing, carefully observe them to see if they’re able to handle it.  Do they pout or get mad?  Or do they realize that it’s just a game and you two are there to have fun no matter who wins?  This can truly be an eye-opener, and you could gain powerful insights into their real nature that you wouldn’t have learned any other way.

Taking your date bowling shows that you are non-traditional and willing to do something different that the norm.  Eating bowling alley food and keeping score can really be a bonding experience.  Don’t delay; start planning your bowling alley date today so you can enjoy these benefits and much more.  For more information, check out places like Sparetimes Bowling.

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How To Host The Perfect Afternoon Tea Party

Whether you’re planning a bridal shower, a birthday party, or just getting the girls together, an afternoon tea party can be perfect for any occasion. If a day of feeling glamorous and classy sounds like a good time, here is a handy guide to planning your own tea party.

Pull Out the China. A tea party is a great excuse to get out all your rarely-used formal dinnerware. Ask around among your friends and family, and you just might find that you can borrow quite a collection of beautiful saucers, tea cups, tea pots, sugar bowls, cake plates, and serving ware. Don’t worry too much about things not matching, since an eclectic (but gorgeous) mish-mash of china is very chic. 

Play Dress-Up. When inviting your guests, encourage them to dress up for the occasion. Fancy dresses, white gloves, and beautiful hats can turn an average afternoon into a special occasion for everyone. Recruit some friends to be waiters and waitresses — dressed in black trousers and white shirts — to provide the ambiance by catering to your guests’. 

Set out Tables. Rent enough tables and chairs so that everyone has a comfortable place to sit in groups of 3 to 6 people. Cover each table with a simple white or solid colored table cloth and accessorize with the china tableware, flowers, and a small tiered cake tray with a few snacks. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, consider renting some equipment from

Include a Spread. Finger sandwiches are a tradition when serving afternoon tea, so be sure your guests don’t go hungry. In addition to a variety of quartered tea sandwiches — like tomato-cheddar or cucumber-cream cheese — you may want to offer a buffet table with trays of fluffy scones, biscuits, shortbread cookies, tarts, fresh fruit, muffins, or bite-size cake squares. Keep the food light and refreshing… and easy to carry as everyone mingles. In addition to the teas, have some pitchers of cold water, lemonade, or iced tea available for variety. 

Have Photo Ops. Since you and your guests are all dolled up, give them a few great places to take pictures for posterity. A small decorated alcove or corner can be made into the perfect tea party backdrop by decorating with things like a fancy arm chair, side table, a vase of flowers, and an antique hat rack or plant stand. Paper flags spelling out “tea party” can also mark your photo booth area.

A tea party can be the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon of tasty treats, good manners, and old-fashioned fun. So, whatever your tastes or reason for partying, have fun with it!

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Give Community Members A Scare With A Homemade Haunted House

Provide your community with some thrills and chills this Halloween by creating a haunted house in an old barn that is part of your property. The following ideas will help you set up an attraction that will be sure to knock the socks off of people of all ages who attend.

Blindfolded Waiting Area With Eerie Sounds

Set up a couple long benches along the front of the barn for interested participants to sit on while they are waiting. Have an assistant provide each person with a blindfold and ask them to put them on while they are waiting for their turn to go into the haunted house. Play some creepy music or various sounds reminiscent of Halloween. While each person is anticipating the tour through the scary structure, they may feel their senses heighten as they listen to the dismal recordings while in the dark.

Hay Bales With Hidden Creatures

Fill your barn with hay bales and place them strategically so that they form a pathway for people to navigate through. Have the people who are helping you host the event dress up as haunted creatures and instruct them to hide behind various hay bales. Install strobe lighting inside of the barn so that when people enter they will become confused and won’t be able to easily walk through the path that you have created.

The creatures can jump out at random intervals in order to scare each person attempting to tour the premises. To add to the scare factor, some of the creatures can scream or hold props, such as replicas of knives or chainsaws.

Touch Table And Tasting Center

Before each person receives a Halloween treat for making it through the haunted house, request that they participate in a touch and taste activity. Arrange a couple long tables along one of the walls that is nearby the exit. Create interesting concoctions that do not have an appealing appearance, such as mashed potatoes that have red food coloring added to them or a layer of peeled grapes that are resting on top of raspberry jelly. Offer each person a plastic spoon and instruct them to touch specific items and taste others before leaving the building.

Although all of the items will be harmless, participants may feel squeamish if you tell them that what they are touching and tasting are a monster’s flesh and eyeballs. Before anyone participates in the event, however, make sure that they do not have any allergies and do not force anyone to take part in the event if they are not willing.

For more information about having a haunted house, talk to a professional .

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