Where You Rent Your Concert Equipment From Can Make Or Break Your Next Event

When you want your next event to be a successful adventure, you have to know who to trust when it comes to concert equipment. Whether you are holding a private party or a corporate event, you’ll want everything to go smoothly. This means you’ll want the lighting to be great, the sound perfect, and your guests comfortable throughout the event. If you work with a concert equipment company that doesn’t have a solid reputation in the field, you can run into some of the following problems that can make your event fall flat.

When the Lighting is Terrible

Good lighting is essential for any event, and you will want to develop a plan with your concert equipment rental company regarding the lighting you will need. You may need mood lighting to set the tone while people are enjoying dinner, or lighting that will showcase presenters up on stage. If the lighting is poor, your guests may not be able to see well. Harsh lighting will create a hostile mood, and will impact your overall event.

Good Sound Quality is Essential

If you’ve ever been to a concert where you couldn’t hear clearly or the speakers squealed with feedback, you probably remember that bad experience. You’ll want to make sure that the sound isn’t too loud, and that when people talk into a microphone there isn’t any static. While it sounds simplistic, it can be very difficult to get the sound just right at any event.

Visual Elements Matter for Your Event

While you need lighting so that the mood is set and guests can see what’s going on, lighting for the purpose of creating a visually interesting stage is also important. Laser lights, strobe lights, and lights of a wide variety of colors will help you create the look you want for your event. Planning a concert requires taking a hard look at the visual elements you want to employ during the concert and working with a company that can provide these to you.

When you are planning your next event, all of the equipment you use will impact the overall success. You’ll want to work with a company that offers professional quality equipment for lighting and sound. Talk about what you are looking for, and an equipment company like Concert Sound and Lighting will help you come up with a plan that will make your event shine. When you work with professionals, you will give your event the professional look and feel you want.

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Going On A First Date? Why You Should Have It At A Bowling Alley

First dates can be exciting, albeit nerve-wracking experiences.  You are taking the time to get to know someone, but because you are new to each other, you may feel a bit of stress along with the anticipation.  If you’re planning for a first date, you may be looking to do something different from dates you’ve gone on in the past.  Bowling can take you off the beaten path and into new territory.  Use this information to learn more about why your next first date should be at a bowling alley.

Bowling Makes Conversation Flow

One of the main reasons why you should have your next first date at the bowling alley is because it helps with conversation.  Instead of sitting at a restaurant table trying to quickly come up with things to say, you can let the conversation flow in a natural way by taking your date to the bowling alley.

Just think of the laughs and fun the two of you will have while bowling.  Everything from the retro shoes that you have to rent, to the sometimes cheesy music, to the inevitable strikes will elicit laughter and conversation.  As you’re playing, you can throw in a few questions so that you can learn more about the person.  There won’t be that usual pressure, and the two of you can connect in a natural way.

Bowling Helps You See Someone’s Real Self

Another reason why you should take your date bowling is because it gives you a chance to see their real nature.  It’s so easy to be artificial when you’re under the microscope of the traditional dinner date.  It’s not as easy to hide who you really are when you’re playing a competitive game like bowling.

For example, if your date is losing, carefully observe them to see if they’re able to handle it.  Do they pout or get mad?  Or do they realize that it’s just a game and you two are there to have fun no matter who wins?  This can truly be an eye-opener, and you could gain powerful insights into their real nature that you wouldn’t have learned any other way.

Taking your date bowling shows that you are non-traditional and willing to do something different that the norm.  Eating bowling alley food and keeping score can really be a bonding experience.  Don’t delay; start planning your bowling alley date today so you can enjoy these benefits and much more.  For more information, check out places like Sparetimes Bowling.

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Give Community Members A Scare With A Homemade Haunted House

Provide your community with some thrills and chills this Halloween by creating a haunted house in an old barn that is part of your property. The following ideas will help you set up an attraction that will be sure to knock the socks off of people of all ages who attend.

Blindfolded Waiting Area With Eerie Sounds

Set up a couple long benches along the front of the barn for interested participants to sit on while they are waiting. Have an assistant provide each person with a blindfold and ask them to put them on while they are waiting for their turn to go into the haunted house. Play some creepy music or various sounds reminiscent of Halloween. While each person is anticipating the tour through the scary structure, they may feel their senses heighten as they listen to the dismal recordings while in the dark.

Hay Bales With Hidden Creatures

Fill your barn with hay bales and place them strategically so that they form a pathway for people to navigate through. Have the people who are helping you host the event dress up as haunted creatures and instruct them to hide behind various hay bales. Install strobe lighting inside of the barn so that when people enter they will become confused and won’t be able to easily walk through the path that you have created.

The creatures can jump out at random intervals in order to scare each person attempting to tour the premises. To add to the scare factor, some of the creatures can scream or hold props, such as replicas of knives or chainsaws.

Touch Table And Tasting Center

Before each person receives a Halloween treat for making it through the haunted house, request that they participate in a touch and taste activity. Arrange a couple long tables along one of the walls that is nearby the exit. Create interesting concoctions that do not have an appealing appearance, such as mashed potatoes that have red food coloring added to them or a layer of peeled grapes that are resting on top of raspberry jelly. Offer each person a plastic spoon and instruct them to touch specific items and taste others before leaving the building.

Although all of the items will be harmless, participants may feel squeamish if you tell them that what they are touching and tasting are a monster’s flesh and eyeballs. Before anyone participates in the event, however, make sure that they do not have any allergies and do not force anyone to take part in the event if they are not willing.

For more information about having a haunted house, talk to a professional .

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Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas For The Offbeat Bride

For the offbeat bride, the standard DJ or wedding band may seem a bit boring. Entertainment is important, though, because what is a party if everyone is just standing around huddled over their drinks? The following quirky ideas may be just the thing you need to make your wedding reception the party of your dreams.

Idea #1: Be your own wedding singer

Karaoke makes everyone a star. What better way to showcase your love than to actually sing your song with your new spouse in front of your closest friends and family? You can rent a karaoke machine and run your own show, if you desire. Dress it up by also renting a stage and perhaps a box of photo booth props  so your guests can dress the part that they are singing. There are also karaoke DJs that will handle all the details and ensure that you have a good show going.

Idea #2: Teach traditional dance

Are you having an ethnic or themed wedding? How about renting a large stage and bringing in a few dance instructors. For example, an Irish wedding isn’t complete without dancing a few reels and singing a few drinking songs. Or, bring your roaring 20s wedding theme to life by hiring an instructor to teach everyone the Charleston and other popular dances of the era.

Idea #3: It’s all fun and games

For brides that aren’t much for dancing and singing, games could be the perfect form of entertainment. You can rent arcade-style games and turn your reception into a giant tournament. If tabletop games are more your thing, then consider a social game like bunco. This fast action dice game features rotating tables and simple rules – making it a surefire way to encourage both mingling and lots of laughter. Do you feel like channeling your inner child? Then rent an adult-size bounce house or ball pit, or even feature a pinata as part of the celebration.

Idea #4: Make the entertainment match the theme

A themed wedding gives you a lot of options for creative entertainment. For example, a western or cowboy wedding can feature a mechanical bull or square dancing. A circus themed wedding is the perfect chance to set up a few midway games or even bring in a clown or other bigtop-style entertainer. Or, turn your traditional garden reception into a fancy lawn party, complete with croquet.

Talk to a local party rentals and supplies business to find out what offbeat items they have available that could help with your entertainment plans.


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Bus Tour Tips With Kids

Managing children on a vacation requires a careful balance of rest, food, and entertainment. If you are worried about long periods of travel, why not consider a bus tour to break up the monotony? Not only does this free you to spend time with your child instead of behind the wheel, these tours are also designed to combine a variety of activities and rest together. The following tips can help ensure your tour is a success.

Tip #1: Ask About Booster Seats

Depending on the age and height of your child, the window may not offer a clear view. When booking your tour, inquire about booster options. Some newer buses have windows that nearly reach the floor, so height isn’t an issue. For other tours, the operator may have booster seats available for your use, or you may be able to bring your own. If you do bring your own, make sure it has your name and address affixed to it in some manner.

Tip #2: Bring Along Entertainment

There may be long stretches on the bus. This can be nice if your child is tired or content to gaze out the window. It can be less pleasant if your child gets bored. Bring along some special entertainment that is just for the bus. This could be a specially downloaded game or video on your smart phone or tablet, or you can use typical road trip games. For example, many tourist information centers have check-off lists or books for children, which allows them to look for special sites in the area you are touring. These are also typically educational. If you are traveling with multiple children, consider having a friendly competition to see who can find the most items.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget Snacks

Most buses allow drinks, or at least water, on the bus, so make sure you have plenty for everyone. Call ahead to see if food is allowed. It is best to select a tour that allows food if you have younger children. Older children can probably wait until a pit stop. This way you can have a few special snacks available to treat your child with when they get hungry.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Stops

Longer bus tours will have pre-arranged stops for meals or to see the sites up close. Ask for an itinerary of these stops beforehand and then research each one. For example, a stop near a historic marker may not be of any interest to your toddler, but they may enjoy the park half a block over to quickly burn off some energy. Check each stop on a map and make note of anything that may be a family friendly alternative or addition to the scheduled stop. This way you have a back-up plan if your child needs a break from the basic tour.

Contact a bus tour company in your destination area to find out more.

For bus tours in New York City, contact a company such as Open Loop New York.

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Technology Innovations That Could Eliminate The Professional Tattoo Artist

Technology is always changing. Even the tattoo industry. Thanks to technology, there are now a couple ways you can get a tattoo without going to professional tattoo artist. They are money savers, but also come with some chances. Take a look at the new tattoo technology and decide for yourself if you like them or not.

DIY Machine

There are many people out there that purchase a tattoo gun and some ink on the Internet and then call themselves tattoo artists. Some actually work hard to learn the art while others figure the process is like coloring with markers.

What happens when technology becomes available that makes DIY tattoos even easier to do? Jakub Pollag from the Royal College of Art has a designed a tattoo gun that anyone can use with ease. Even your kid. This gun makes the tattoo process as easy as coloring with markers. Sound cool? Think about what will happen if this gun hits the markets. Think about sitting around with some friends with shaky hands and picking up the tattoo machine to “doodle.” Remember this is all permanent. Also think about the DIYers who work hard to learn this skill and how much easier it will be for them to offer you lower cost tattoos. It’s a mix of good and slightly scary.

The best use for this easy tattoo machine would be to market it to professional tattoo artists who could possibly use them to offer lower cost tattoos.

3D Printer Tattoo

Let’s remove the human tattoo artist altogether and replace him or her with a machine. 3D printers are already becoming popular and are super cool. This technology creates neat 3D objects and can even make body parts. What happens when you give one of these 3D printers a tattoo gun? You end up with printed permanent tattoos without a human hand.

This could easily make the cost of tattoo go down because you aren’t paying for the artist but just the use of the computer. It also has a few drawbacks. You no longer get to have that tattoo artist relationship and the fun chats while working that make you feel more comfortable. You also lose the unique personality that comes with each tattoo artist. The computer will follow the design as given and won’t offer any ideas or put in unique touches. You can no longer proudly say who did your ink. On the other hand, you never have to worry about a human mistake. The tattoo will be immaculate without having to worry that you chose the wrong tattoo artist who won’t get your vision.

These tattoo technologies have good and bad sides to them. Do you feel they help the industry or hurt it? Will they ruin tattoos as art or make them more accessible to everyone?

To learn more, contact a tattoo shop like The Ink Lab

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